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Candy Flippin, Trippin, Sippin, and Bong Hittin. Pro Blunt Roller, Pong Champion, and Beat-boxing Extraordinaire, Miami living It's the life.


100 Things You Can Have On a Stick {click link for full list and recipes!!}

  • Caramel Pops
  • Macaron Pops
  • Muffin Pops
  • Mini Pancakes Pops
  • Red Fruit Sorbet Lollipops
  • Ice Cream Cookie Pops
  • Tequila Lollipops
  • Dulce De Leche Pops (profiterole pops)

The last pic is my favorite cuz I love making croquembouche’s and when I can’t  make one these profiterole pops is always a cute alternative!

(via kittyshuga-deactivated20140203)

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